04 March 2010

Coconut Chicken

I was inspired by depaul's use of coconut oil while making almond chicken...

Follow the steps for making almond chicken excepts substitute the following...

Instead of plain almond flour, use a 2:1 ratio of unsweetened shredded coconut and almond flour (I added a little more almond flour than that to help it hold together a little more). Add a little sea salt if desired.

Dip the chicken in coconut milk instead of egg.

"Bread" the chicken twice. Dip in milk... coat in flour... dip back in milk and then back in flour.

Fry chicken in coconut oil, preferably unrefined.

We've been on a coconut kick as of late and it works perfectly with Rory's desire to be dairy free this month. I made a couple variations of coconut milk ice cream that were pretty good as well. Stay tuned for some of those recipes. I can't wait to sit on my back deck on my new patio furniture (thanks Kelly!) eating a bowl of ice cream this summer.

On a side note it looks like we will be vacationing in Calgary at the end of July this summer. If anyone has any suggestions for activities in that area, let me know!

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