29 March 2010

Dijon Mustard 'Breaded' Pork Chops

The co-op we get our meat from has AMAZING pork chops. Thick cut, bone-in, and SO flavorful. This has to be one of my favorite ways of preparing them...

4 pork chops
1 heaping tbsp prepared stone ground mustard
1 egg
almond flour

1. Heat oil of choice in a large skillet over medium-low heat.
2. On a plate, whisk together egg and mustard.
3. Place a nice pile of almond flour and a second plate.
4. Dip chop in egg/mustard mixture then dredge in flour.
5. Cook 10 minutes per side until golden and pork is done.

One of the keys to making these just right is to be gentle when flipping the pork. If you are not cautious, your 'breading' will easily fall off. Also, you do not want to use high heat. The breading will get done long before the meat is cooked through (this goes for all almond flour breaded meat).

If you really like mustard add some mustard powder to the almond flour. It'll boost the flavor up a notch.

Rory loved these and I have to give a shout out to ROBO for mentioning the fact that he made breaded pork chops for his wife. It was great inspiration! And as always, I look forward to your feedback on comments.


  1. Hi April,

    Any ideas on how to make these without the sugar and chocolate chips?


  2. Kristen,
    Are you looking for a basic chocolate meringue recipe? Are you opposed to agave nectar or stevia? Is there a reason for wanting to try it without the chocolate chips? What about using an 85% dark chocolate?

    Let me know and I'll see what I can do!

  3. I'm not opposed to agave nectar or stevia. I wasn't sure if the paleo diet allows sugar from chocolate; I just assumed not. If you use dark chocolate would it still be considered paleo?

    I've been incorporating more paleo meals in my diet. Is there a table regarding how much agave nectar to use when swapping it for plain old table sugar?