14 April 2010

Ice Cream and Pickles?!?!?!

Mmmmm.... ice cream and pickles. Yummy.

In reality, I do not want ice cream and pickles but it is the stereotypical thing that pregnant women crave. What does this mean??? The Hanlin clan is about to get a little bigger! Baby H will be arriving in November! We are super excited!!!


  1. Congratulations April, that is amazing news! You all must be thrilled! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. If I remember correctly April, you don't like chocolate and fruit, but you were craving it during your first pregnancy?

  3. Roxan- Thanks! Feeling OK. A little nauseous, which I didn't experience with my first one.

    Kristen- You are correct! I wanted hot fudge sundae's with green apples. Crazy. And I HATE fruit and chocolate together so it was extra hilarious.

  4. Congratulations April and Rory! I can't wait for the strange recipes to start appearing...of course most people would consider us pretty strange already...