05 January 2010

One way to save a little money!


Great info here on foods that you should buy that are not organic.


  1. Hi April! I happened to stumble across your blog through OPT's site and am loving your recipes. I plan on trying the sausage stuffed squash and eggs to go really soon. I eat paleo (about 99% of the time, but sometimes frozen yogurt gets the best of me) and am always looking for new recipes. Thanks so much for posting these!

  2. Roxan,

    Thanks so much for stumbling across my blog! I love being creative in the kitchen and I am excited to be able to share some of my own recipes. Feedback is always welcome!

  3. I will definitely let you know how the recipes turn out! I am passing on your blog information to my friend Taylor. Her boyfriend Joey, who also happens to be my personal trainer, follows the OPT programming and the three of us are always looking for great paleo recipes! Can't wait to try the pancakes! Thanks again!