18 February 2010

Squash Chips

Sorry for the lack of posting the last week. I took a trip to WI to visit family and see my grandma, who is not in the best of health. It was a great trip and I wish I could have stayed just a few more days. Before I left I made these 3-4 times... I couldn't get enough of them!

1/2 Butternut squash, seeded, cut into thin crescents (leave the skin on!)
seasoning- I like sea salt, but if some you (ahem...Joey Warren) would probably forgo the salt and use something else. I bet some onion or garlic powder would be good.

I place the squash on 2 cookie sheets that have a lip then drizzle them with oil and season. Bake at 325-350 until desired crispiness. Careful, because it doesn't take much to go from under-done to black. Trust me... I know! Also, do NOT crowd the pan. If you crowd the pan the moisture from the squash can't escape and they end up soggy and not crispy.


  1. Thanks for posting this April, I can't wait to try it! I am always looking for healthy snack alternatives, especially savory treats. And I love that you called out Joey. :) Too funny.

  2. Just a few tips for the chips...

    You may have to experiment around with the cooking temp and how long you bake them for. Also, it is crucial that you do not crowd the pan.

    Lower temps tend to yield chewier chips and higher temps make them crispier although there is a very fine line between perfectly crispy and burnt!