13 December 2010

MDA recipes

I've been tinkering around with some of the Mark's Daily Apple recipes lately. There are some really great recipes on there... I do get a little frustrated sometimes with some of them because of the odd ingredients that I can't find around here. As you may know about me, I tend to do A LOT of improvising based on what I have in my kitchen. I'm not a 'plan out my weekly menu' type of person- when inspiration hits, I go for it or look online for something to inspire me.

Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend the following two recipes.

1. No-atmeal: This is now a staple in our household. The beautiful thing about it, Rory was the first one to make it so now he has no excuses for not being able to whip up a batch! :)
2. Primal Breakfast Casserole (I added two extra eggs and 8 pieces of bacon and only used 2 turnips.)

I also tried the cauliflower and mushroom stuffing. It was alright, not quite to my taste, but my mind has already come up with a few ways to improve it.

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