02 May 2010

Agave... Good or Bad???

I've been thinking about this topic for awhile and have been meaning to address it in my blog. I use agave nectar because I get a lot of inspiration from Elana's Pantry. Now, I do think some of her recipes are too sweet for my taste and will often cut the agave nectar in her recipes to half or so. That works well for me. Do I eat it every day? No. Do I need dessert from time to time. Absolutely.

Elana addresses this very issue just the other day. Click here to read her take on the controversy. I tend to agree with her. Yes, sugar is bad for you. I understand that. But at the same time, life is meant to be enjoyed and if that means I'm going to have some strawberry muffins or some brownies on occasion, then so be it.

There, now I've said my piece.

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